In these runs, multiple runners play through the same game and try to get the best time. This also includes a few relay races, where multiple teams of runners take turns running a game.

A Hat in Time (2017)PCAny% RaceSGDQ 2018flarebear, ConnorAce0:55:06
Actraiser (1990)SNESProfessional! Mode RaceAGDQ 2011PJ, Sir VG0:30:46
Aladdin (1993)SNESAny% RaceSGDQ 2016Ribbedkilla, Countdown42, pcull444440:19:12
Athena (1986)NESRaceSGDQ 2012Dragondarch, Brossentia0:32:54
Athena (1986)NESAny% RaceAGDQ 2018Dragondarch, Brossentia0:23:05
Azure Striker Gunvolt (2014)PCSpeedrun Mode, All Stages RaceAGDQ 2016Ajarmar, Greenalink0:51:00
Batman: The Video Game (1989)NESRaceAGDQ 2013Funkdoc, sinister10:12:48
Batman: The Video Game (1989)NESRaceSGDQ 2013Funkdoc, sinister10:11:12
Batman: The Video Game (1989)NESAny% RaceAGDQ 2016Just Defend, dxtr, badbrakes, InfestedRiche0:11:54
Batman: The Video Game (1989)NESAny% RaceAGDQ 2018dxtr, Endy0:10:18
Battletoads (1991)NESRaceAGDQ 2011PJ, Emptyeye0:24:41
Blast Corps (1997)N64Any% RaceAGDQ 2014Graviton, PEACHES_0:26:20
Blaster Master (1988)NESDeathwarps RaceAGDQ 2016Skavenger216, ShiningDragoon, Feasel, UraniumAnchor0:33:35
Blaster Master (1988)NESAny% WarplessAGDQ 2017Skavenger216, ShiningDragoon0:39:14
Bomberman Hero (1998)N64RaceSGDQ 2012Neskamikaze, KirkQ0:55:15
Bomberman Hero (1998)N64RaceSGDQ 2014PvtCb, Yashi, KirkQ0:46:19
Castlevania (1986)NESAny%AGDQ 2017Cantaloupeme, Komrade0:12:55
Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (1989)NESAlucard (JP) RaceAGDQ 2016ohon, iongravirei0:31:45
Castlevania: Lament of Innocence (2003)PS2Pumpkin RaceSGDQ 2012Dragondarch, Sir VG0:52:31
Castlevania: Rondo Of Blood (2008)WiiMaria (NG+)AGDQ 2017Skavenger216, Komrade0:16:04
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (1997)PS1RaceCGDQromscout, RaneofSOTN0:50:00
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (1997)PS1RaceAGDQ 2011romscout, RaneofSOTN, Satoryu0:38:00
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (1997)PS1Alucard All Bosses RaceSGDQ 2014romscout, Dacidbro0:40:54
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (2009)Xbox 360All Bosses% RaceSGDQ 2015Dragonblitz, romscout0:33:09
Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles (2007)PSPRaceAGDQ 2011Sir VG, Satoryu0:24:29
Celeste (2018)PCAny% RaceSGDQ 2018TGH, yoshipro0:36:26
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers (1990)NESCo-op RaceAGDQ 2014Cyghfer, Blechy, sinister1, Feasel0:10:09
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers (1990)NESAll Zones RaceSGDQ 2015infinitemystery, philosoraptor420:14:52
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers (1990)NESAny% RaceAGDQ 2018garadas21, Endy, angrylanks0:10:31
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 (1993)NESAny% 1p2c RaceAGDQ 2019swordsmankirby, garadas210:13:39
Cloudbuilt (2015)PCOriginal22 Rush Mode RaceAGDQ 2016Midboss, Wobs230:15:17
Contra (1988)NESAny%AGDQ 2017The Mexican Runner, Toad224840:10:40
Contra: Shattered Soldier (2002)PS2Any% All Stages RaceSGDQ 2018aquas, TheDrifter18, Crak_Atak0:30:37
Crash Bandicoot: Warped (2000)PS1Any% RaceSGDQ 2015Kollin7, Wheelio0:48:45
Crypt of the Necrodancer (2015)PCCadence All Zones (Seeded) RaceSGDQ 2016SpootyBiscuit, mudjoe20:08:10
Crypt of the Necrodancer (2015)PCAMPLIFIED DLC Nocturna All Zones RaceSGDQ 2017SpootyBiscuit, mudjoe20:06:29
Crystalis (1990)NESRaceSGDQ 2013UraniumAnchor, Dragondarch1:05:51
Curse of Issyos (2015)PCAny% RaceSGDQ 2016pcull44444, Mr_Weables0:14:14
Darkwing Duck (1992)NESRaceAGDQ 2014joka, The Mexican Runner0:15:31
Dead Cells (2017)PCAny%AGDQ 2019Studio, scaz.zaf, ChurchnSarge0:16:42
Defunct (2016)PCAll Collectibles RaceSGDQ 2017Grimelios, Celestics0:18:51
Diddy Kong Racing (1997)N64All Trophies RaceAGDQ 2016MrsGizamaluke, Toufool310:25:15
Die Hard (1991)NESRaceAGDQ 2013Narcissa Wright, Withhelde0:05:58
Dishonored (2012)PC+Knife of Dunwall, RaceSGDQ 2014FearfulFerret, DecidedSloth0:39:17
Donkey Kong 64 (1999)N64Glitches% RaceAGDQ 2014Cfox7, znernicus0:44:07
Donkey Kong Country (1994)SNESAll Levels RaceAGDQ 2013tjp7154, Tompa0:38:03
Donkey Kong Country (1994)SNESAll Stages RaceSGDQ 2015Eazinn, Garrison, NewAgeRetroHippie0:34:36
Donkey Kong Country (1994)SNESAny% All StagesAGDQ 2019V0oid, stew_0:33:32
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (1995)SNESRaceSGDQ 2014Garrison, Twig0:47:48
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (1995)SNESAny% (Warpless) RaceAGDQ 2018V0oid, waffle420:54:12
Donkey Kong Country 3 (1996)SNESAny% RaceSGDQ 2016V0oid, BluntBunny0:51:27
Donkey Kong Country Relay Race (1994)SNESTrilogy Relay RaceAGDQ 2017Eazinn, V0oid, Nocturne_, Fathlo23, Silent Wolf, Supreme, Kanis999, waffle42, suzuribaco2:12:16
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (2014)Wii UAny% RaceSGDQ 2016Kruncha, NotSoNewby, Enkaybee, Michael Goldfish, MooMooAkai, spikevegeta1:34:55
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (2018)SwitchAny% No Death AbuseAGDQ 2019Kruncha, Michael Goldfish, spikevegeta1:25:58
Doom 64 (1997)N64Be Gentle RaceSGDQ 2015Graviton0:36:41
Doom II (1994)PCUltra Violence RaceAGDQ 2014Dime, Vortale0:39:58
Double Dragon II: The Revenge (1989)NESCo-op RaceAGDQ 2012Mike Uyama, sinister1, Jprophet22, Heidman0:14:40
Dr. Mario 64 (2001)N64RaceSGDQ 2013Essentia, Neskamikaze0:39:32
Ducktales (1989)NESAny% EasyAGDQ 2017Endy, garadas210:07:19
Dustforce (2012)PCAny% All Levels (NG+) RaceSGDQ 2018fishmcmuffins, Freshmaniac0:35:58
Earthworm Jim (1994)GenesisRaceAGDQ 2011Moooh, Breakdown0:32:59
Final Fantasy IV - Free Enterprise (2018)SNESLeague Match FlagsAGDQ 2019Neerrm, riversmccown, Khobahi, Obdajr1:59:14
Flywrench (2015)PCAny% Normal ModeAGDQ 2017killingpepsi, SsupNerds0:26:10
Gimmick! (1992)NESBest Ending RaceAGDQ 2016aquas, becored0:11:34
Glover (1998)N64RaceAGDQ 2014heeheex2, stri_0:35:51
Hotline Miami (2012)PCNew Game+ RaceAGDQ 2014Duke Bilgewater, cutefluffybunny0:25:47
Ironsword: Wizards and Warriors II (1989)NESAny% RaceSGDQ 2016Skavenger216, Feasel, gyre, JamEvil0:10:05
Jak 3 (2004)PS2Any% No OoB RaceAGDQ 2016ThaRixer, HillaryPuff0:47:04
Kid Chameleon (1992)GenesisRaceAGDQ 2013Neskamikaze, PEACHES_0:32:37
Kingdom Hearts 2 (2005)PS2All WorldsSGDQ 2011puwexil, spikevegeta, Opario, UltraJMan5:57:33
Kirby Super Star (1996)SNES100%AGDQ 2017Countdown42, usedpizza, zzzhonki, suzuribaco1:18:17
Kirby's Dream Land (1992)Game BoyAny% RaceSGDQ 2016Protomagicalgirl, TrUShade, eBloodyCandy0:11:51
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land (2002)GBARaceAGDQ 2011MercuryZelda, Sir VG1:05:00
Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land (2002)GBAMetaknightmare 100% RaceAGDQ 2013Neskamikaze, Mapler902100:35:27
Kung-Fu Master (1985)NESRaceCGDQEmptyeye, Kareshi, Frezy_Man0:06:00
Legacy of the Wizard (1987)NESRaceSGDQ 2012Dragondarch, Feasel0:30:50
Lovely Planet (2014)PCAny% RaceAGDQ 2018Bullets, sigma0:11:00
Luigi's Mansion (2001)GameCube100% RaceSGDQ 2015Boohead86, firedragon764, Veman30001:13:58
Magic Sword (1990)SNESNormal BeginningAGDQ 2017Pro_JN, yelsraek0:23:38
Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse (1992)SNESAny% Hard RaceAGDQ 2016R3DninjaJOSH, darbian0:21:01
Maldita Castilla (2012)PC100% RaceSGDQ 2015pcull44444, Weables0:27:22
Mega Man (1987)NESAll StagesAGDQ 2017WhiteHat94, Endy, dxtr, coolkid0:24:01
Mega Man 1 - 3 Team Relay Race (1987)NESAny%AGDQ 2018WhiteHat94, fastatcc, dxtr, coolkid, ColonelFatso, Endy, prisi, shoka, Streamline, Zaraki, Cyghfer, cassiothird1:26:59
Mega Man 3 (1990)NESRaceSGDQ 2011Darkkobold, Dunnius0:45:19
Mega Man 5 (1992)NESAny% RaceGDQxthadarkman78, FeralPigMan0:34:59
Mega Man 6 (1993)NESRaceSGDQ 2014DarkTerrex, Golden0:37:35
Mega Man 6 (1993)NESAny% RaceHRDQDarkTerrex, Chelney0:35:42
Mega Man 6 (1993)NESAny%SGDQ 2018DarkTerrex, Chelney, Ppotdot10:35:53
Mega Man 8 (1996)PS1Any% RaceSGDQ 2018orsa, cleartonic0:51:29
Mega Man 9 (2008)WiiAny% Protoman RaceAGDQ 2016Slurpeeninja, TheBlacktastic0:35:09
Mega Man V (1994)Game BoyRaceSGDQ 2014mrcab, Virtualboyness0:52:58
Mega Man X (1994)SNES100% RaceAGDQ 2014Caleb Hart, Zewing0:37:06
Mega Man X (1994)SNESRaceSGDQ 2014Tiki, Caleb Hart0:32:38
Mega Man X (1994)SNES100% RaceAGDQ 2016Domalix, Tiki0:37:20
Mega Man X (1994)SNES100%AGDQ 2017Domalix, Caleb Hart, CrystalUnclear, Walrus_prime0:37:05
Mega Man X (1994)SNESAny% RaceAGDQ 2018ColonelFatso, Tokyo90, Walrus_prime0:36:04
Mega Man X 1 - 3 Team Relay Race (1994)SNESAny% Team Relay RaceAGDQ 2019Trogdor, Caleb Hart, ColonelFatso, Tokyo90, Walrus_prime, Soppa, Justin-credible, Luiz Miguel, Madu1:47:43
Mega Man X2 (1995)SNESRaceSGDQ 2014Caleb Hart, iateyourpie, Ivan, Trogdor0:36:51
Mega Man X2 (1995)SNESRaceSGDQ 2015bjw, Caleb Hart, cleartonic, Trogdor0:34:03
Mega Man X2 (1995)SNESAny% RaceSGDQ 2017Trogdor, Caleb Hart, ColonelFatso, Tokyo900:36:07
Mega Man X2 (1995)SNESAny% RaceGDQxTiki, Tokyo900:33:50
Mega Man X3 (1996)SNESAny% RaceSGDQ 2017Trogdor, Nu_0:41:27
Mega Man X8 (2004)PS2RaceSGDQ 2015mrcab, PND, Satoryu1:05:56
Metroid Fusion (2002)GBA1% RaceSGDQ 2014Kirbymastah, Biospark, JaggerG1:27:37
Metroid Fusion (2002)GBAAny% RaceAGDQ 2016HerculesBenchpress, JRP2234, Kirbymastah1:15:12
Metroid Prime (2002)GameCubeAny% RaceJRDQMiles, Paraxade2:10:00
Metroid: Zero Mission (2004)GBAAny% Race, Ridley FirstAGDQ 2013Dragondarch, Ashe_Bug0:47:57
Metroid: Zero Mission (2004)GBA100% Normal RaceSGDQ 2018samthedigital, DragonFangs, john_unfil, CScottyW1:12:17
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (1987)NESBlindfolded RaceAGDQ 2016sinister1, Zallard10:26:43
Mirror's Edge (2008)Xbox 360RaceAGDQ 2012Cody Miller, ddaanniieell1:11:46
Mirror's Edge (2008)PCRaceAGDQ 2014Ovendonkey, ddaanniieell0:49:36
Mystery Game Tournament (2016)ArcadeBlind RacesAGDQ 2017Caerulius, usedpizza, AND4H, The Mexican Runner1:02:00
Ninja Gaiden (1988)NESSword-only RaceAGDQ 2012sinister1, UltraJMan0:17:25
Ninja Gaiden (1988)NESRaceSGDQ 2013Duckfist, sinister10:13:02
Ninja Gaiden (1988)NESPacifist%AGDQ 2017dxtr, gusmancini0:17:31
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos (1988)NESRaceAGDQ 2013sinister1, Duckfist0:11:10
Nitronic Rush (2011)PCRaceSGDQ 2014Geoff, Vespher0:07:51
Nitronic Rush (2011)PCHardcore RaceSGDQ 2014ChocoPoptart, Geoff0:13:24
Nitronic Rush (2011)PCChallenge RaceSGDQ 2014ChocoPoptart, Geoff0:01:43
Octodad: Dadliest Catch (2012)PCRaceSGDQ 2014Ubergoose, misskaddykins0:18:54
Ori And The Blind Forest (2015)PCAll Cells RaceAGDQ 2016Grimelios, Ankamius0:53:24
Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition (2016)PCAll Skills No OOB RaceHRDQTerra, Vulajin0:34:55
Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition (2016)PCAll Skills (no OOB/TA) RaceAGDQ 2018Vulajin, sigma, Terra, Hydra0:35:06
Pilotwings 64 (1996)N64AGDQ 2015Graviton, ciyon, Derek Clark0:32:40
Plok (1993)SNESRaceSGDQ 2013Mecha Richter, Countdown420:37:08
Pokemon Gold/Silver (2004)Game BoyAny% Glitchless RaceAGDQ 2019Gunnermaniac3, pokeguy843:19:25
Pokemon Red/Blue (1996)Game BoyBlindfolded RaceSGDQ 2015Shenanagans, Keizaron0:25:53
Pokemon Red/Blue (1996)Game BoyAny% Glitchless RaceSGDQ 2016Gunnermaniac3, Keizaron, ExtraTricky, Charlie Armitz1:54:28
Portal (2007)PCIn-Bounds Only RaceAGDQ 2014Azorae, znernicus0:16:01
Portal (2007)PCRaceSGDQ 2014Norferzlo, z1mb0bw4y0:10:37
Portal (2007)PCInbounds RaceAGDQ 2019alexh0we, ConnorAce0:12:25
Quest 64 (1998)N64RaceSGDQ 2013PEACHES_, KirkQ2:13:20
Quickie World (2018)SNES100%AGDQ 2019GlitchCat7, RBMACHOK0:13:54
Rayman Legends (2013)Xbox 360RaceSGDQ 2014FearfulFerret, spikevegeta, Ubergoose1:39:06
Resident Evil 3 (1999)PCAny% RaceAGDQ 2018Bawkbasoup, wusscake0:46:42
Rocket Knight Adventures (1993)GenesisRaceAGDQ 2011John De Sousa, Mike Uyama0:29:53
Rocket Knight Adventures (1993)GenesisNormal Difficulty RaceAGDQ 2013Vorpaledge, ShadowJacky0:29:52
Rockman 4 BCAS (2014)NESAny% RaceAGDQ 2016Garrison, Golden0:26:42
Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel (2012)PCAny% Freudia RaceSGDQ 2017bjw, LV Creed0:32:27
Runbow (2015)Wii UBowhemothSGDQ 2018MooMooAkai, Munchakoopas0:16:21
Rygar (1987)NESRaceSGDQ 2012Darkwing Duck, Feasel0:26:52
Rygar (1987)NESAny% No Wrong Warp RaceSGDQ 2016ShiningDragoon, Darkwing Duck0:23:17
Samurai Pizza Cats (1991)NESRaceSGDQ 2015usedpizza, Trogdor0:12:25
Shantae And The Pirate's Curse (2014)Wii UAny% Pirate No-OOB RaceSGDQ 2018tinahacks, JTNoriMaki1:05:18
Shatterhand (1991)NESRaceSGDQ 2014UraniumAnchor, Klaige0:26:18
Shovel Knight (2014)PCPlague of Shadows NG+ RaceAGDQ 2016TheTaiwanNinja, Munchakoopas0:37:44
Shovel Knight (2014)PCAny%AGDQ 2017Smaugy, Munchakoopas0:46:16
Sonic Advance (2001)GBAAmy RaceSGDQ 2015Combo Blaze, Kirbymastah0:18:50
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (2002)GameCubeDark Side Story RaceAGDQ 2012Yoshifan, Psyknux0:45:16
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (2002)PCHero Story RaceAGDQ 2018Seraphim1313, a_moustache0:36:03
Sonic Adventure DX (2003)GameCubeBig the Cat RaceSGDQ 2013Marche_Fighter_Paladin, AdamAK0:12:28
Sonic Mania (2017)SwitchEncore Mode Any%AGDQ 2019Claris, Zaxon96, joeybaby690:44:48
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)GenesisKnuckles RaceAGDQ 2013Werster, Mike890:25:58
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)GenesisAny% RaceSGDQ 2015Aleck47, Jmatt0:24:37
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! (1999)PS114 Talisman RaceSGDQ 2014Jumpyluff, SSBMstuff0:29:43
Spyro: Year of the Dragon (2000)PS1100 Egg RaceAGDQ 2014TOTOzigemm, SSBMstuff1:04:46
Spyro: Year of the Dragon (2000)PS1Any% RaceSGDQ 2016wedc517, orsa0:30:58
Star Fox 64 (1997)N64Any% RaceAGDQ 2016dsx, BeefWellington0:23:25
Streemerz (2010)NESRaceAGDQ 2014Andy, Garrison0:05:11
Streemerz (2010)NESTASBot RaceSGDQ 2015kaizoman, DragonFangs0:05:09
Streemerz (2010)NES16 Bags of Ca$h RaceSGDQ 2016Andy, cleartonic0:05:45
Strider (1989)NESAny% RaceSGDQ 2018NME, Elipsis, Mr Magnificent0:04:10
Super Castlevania IV (1991)SNESAny%AGDQ 2017Furious Paul, JoeDamillio0:32:39
Super Dodge Ball (1988)NESRaceSGDQ 2013Feasel, Darkwing Duck0:08:05
Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (1991)SNESRaceAGDQ 2012PJ, Kareshi0:44:34
Super Mario 64 (1996)N6416-star RaceSGDQ 2013Siglemic, Sicko0:20:44
Super Mario 64 (1996)N64Any% RaceSGDQ 2015360ChrisM, GamerDomey0:08:09
Super Mario 64 (1996)N64120 Star RaceSGDQ 2015Cheese05, Puncayshun, Simply1:44:43
Super Mario 64 (1996)N6470-Star RaceSGDQ 2016Puncayshun, Cheese05, Simply, Biinny0:49:01
Super Mario 64 (1996)N6470 Star RaceSGDQ 2018Puncayshun, Cheese050:52:47
Super Mario Bros. (1985)NESAny% RaceAGDQ 2016GreenDeathFlavor, lackattack24, darbian0:05:21
Super Mario Bros. (1985)NESWarplessAGDQ 2017darbian, Kosmicd12, Andrewg0:20:06
Super Mario Bros. (1985)NESAny%AGDQ 2017darbian, Kosmicd12, Andrewg0:05:50
Super Mario Bros. (1985)NESWarplessSGDQ 2018SuperSonic71087, RetroBob_, Kosmic, RoyLGamer0:38:00
Super Mario Bros. 2 (1986)NESAny% RaceAGDQ 2016GreenDeathFlavor, whitman price, Svenne0:12:26
Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)NESRaceCGDQAndrewg, Frezy_Man0:15:00
Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)NESWarpless 100% RaceSGDQ 2015CujoIHSV, whenchukattacks1:12:46
Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)NESAll Forts RaceSGDQ 2018mitchflowerpower, GrandPOOBear0:58:34
Super Mario Bros. 3mix (2014)NESAny% RaceAGDQ 2019mitchflowerpower, Gadien, Jabem1:09:14
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (1986)NESAny% 8-4AGDQ 2017darbian, Kosmicd12, Andrewg0:11:50
Super Mario Kart (1992)SNESAny% Single Seg MP RaceAGDQ 2016KVD, Md_Neo0:32:17
Super Mario Kart (1992)SNESTime Trial RaceAGDQ 2017KVD, Sami Cetin0:30:24
Super Mario Maker (2015)Wii UCustom Level Blind Relay RaceAGDQ 2016linkdeadx2, Andy, mitchflowerpower, area51, Bismuth, Dram55, Trihex, The Mexican Runner1:36:17
Super Mario Maker (2015)Wii U2v2 Hard Level RaceAGDQ 2016Carl Sagan, PangaeaPanga, mitchflowerpower, GrandPOOBear0:24:37
Super Mario Maker (2015)Wii UBlind Custom Team Relay RaceSGDQ 2016mitchflowerpower, Andy, xsvArea51, iateyourpie, pcull44444, usedpizza, Kronicsauce, GrandPOOBear1:20:00
Super Mario Maker (2015)Wii U3v3 Blind Level RaceSGDQ 2018Carl Sagan, GrandPOOBear, GlitchCat7, failstream, jaku, Cliffy1:20:00
Super Mario Odyssey (2017)SwitchAny% RaceGDQxNicroVeda, Fir1:03:02
Super Mario Series Warpless Relay Race (1985)NESWarpless RelaySGDQ 2017Just Defend, bjw, Svenne, darbian, Dotsarecool, xsvArea51, Big Jon, truman, lackattack24, GrandPOOBear, Kosmicd12, mrcab, Kirua, SuperSonic71087, Aweglib2:43:40
Super Mario Sunshine (2002)GameCubeNo Cape RaceSGDQ 2014Linkfan21, 360ChrisM, JKB1:26:04
Super Mario Sunshine (2002)GameCubeHoverless RaceSGDQ 2015Bounceyboy, Kaffelon1:33:33
Super Mario Sunshine (2002)GameCubeAny%AGDQ 2017Bounceyboy, PangaeaPanga, averagetrey, Strongman Lin1:19:22
Super Mario Sunshine (2002)GameCube1v1 Lockout BingoAGDQ 2019PangaeaPanga, SniperKing0:58:00
Super Mario World (1990)SNES96-exit RaceAGDQ 2013Dram55, Minion, Feasel1:32:01
Super Mario World (1990)SNESAny% No Cape/Star World RaceAGDQ 2014Dram55, linkdeadx20:35:27
Super Mario World (1990)SNESNo Cape All Switches RaceSGDQ 2014Suidt, Wawlconut, Ribbedkilla0:33:41
Super Mario World (1990)SNES0 Exit RaceAGDQ 2016Carl Sagan, Dotsarecool, xsvArea51, SethBling0:06:00
Super Mario World (1990)SNES96 Exit RaceAGDQ 2016Kakusho, Akisto, xpaco5, trumez1:24:50
Super Mario World (1990)SNESAll Castles RaceSGDQ 2016xsvArea51, Bramz, truman0:40:06
Super Mario World (1990)SNESNo Cape, No Star World RaceAGDQ 2018bjw, Calco2, SilverStar6609, Sten0:36:49
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (1995)SNESAny% RaceAGDQ 2016Carl Sagan, mt76907, rheal0:05:28
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (1995)SNESAny% Warpless RaceHRDQCalco2, Kolthor_TheBarbarian1:43:06
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (1995)SNESAny% Warpless RaceAGDQ 2018Calco2, Kolthor_TheBarbarian, yamayuu, Poahr1:46:36
Super Meat Boy (2010)PCAny% RaceAGDQ 2014iMysty, Vorpaledge0:20:38
Super Meat Boy (2010)PCAny% RaceSGDQ 2017warm_ham, Fimbz0:21:14
Super Metroid (1994)SNESRaceAGDQ 2014Garrison, Ivan, Krauser, Zoast0:45:51
Super Metroid (1994)SNES100% RaceAGDQ 2015Epic, sweetnumb1:19:47
Super Metroid (1994)SNESRaceSGDQ 2015David Clemens, oatsngoats, Zoast, Straevaras0:44:00
Super Metroid (1994)SNESAny% RaceSGDQ 2016oatsngoats, sweetnumb, Zoast, Behemoth870:46:45
Super Metroid (1994)SNES100%AGDQ 2017Zoast, Ivan, Behemoth87, WildAnaconda691:16:22
Super Metroid (1994)SNESLow% Ice RaceSGDQ 2017oatsngoats, Zoast, Overfiendvip0:52:49
Super Metroid (1994)SNES100% Map RaceHRDQWildAnaconda69, oatsngoats1:25:26
Super Monkey Ball 2 (2002)GameCubeRaceAGDQ 2014Geoff, Peanutphobia, Miles0:26:37
Super Monkey Ball 2 (2002)GameCubeExpert Mode RaceSGDQ 2014Geoff, Miles0:19:52
Super Monkey Ball 2: Monkeyed Ball (2018)WiiStory Mode All Levels RaceSGDQ 2018yutori, Geoff0:26:10
Super Star Wars (1992)SNESAny% Easy RaceAGDQ 2016Indy, Danzel Glovington0:27:20
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time (1992)SNESRaceSGDQ 2014sinister1, Mike Uyama0:20:24
Tetris Attack (1996)SNESV-Hard RaceSGDQ 2016Darkwing Duck, FFRPro21, Edobean, CardsOfTheHeart0:10:10
Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura: Eternal Heart (2000)PS1Story Mode (Normal)AGDQ 2017KevinDDR, EnchantressOfNumbers0:24:32
Tetris: The Grand Master (1998)Arcade8-way 100% raceSGDQ 2017aperturegrillz, Poochy.EXE, KevinDDR, EnchantressOfNumbers, JBroms, MxKai3, PARTY MAN X, eihoppe0:12:02
Tetris: The Grand Master (1998)Arcade2-players 1-controller raceSGDQ 2017Protomagicalgirl, aperturegrillz, KevinDDR, MxKai30:10:40
Tetris: The Grand Master 2+ (2000)ArcadeTA Death Mode RaceSGDQ 2015Qlex, SQR0:04:58
Tetris: The Grand Master 2+ (2000)ArcadeDoubles RaceSGDQ 2015KevinDDR, aperturegrillz, KAN, SQR0:04:35
Tetris: The Grand Master 2+ (2000)Arcade1p2c RaceSGDQ 2015SQR, kitaru0:05:15
Tetris: The Grand Master 3 (2005)ArcadeMaster Mode RaceSGDQ 2015KAN, KevinDDR0:05:01
Tetris: The Grand Master 3 (2005)ArcadeShirase Mode RaceSGDQ 2015KAN, KevinDDR0:05:15
The Goonies II (1987)NESRaceSGDQ 2012Dragondarch, theseawolf10:18:45
The Goonies II (1987)NESAny% RaceSGDQ 2016Dragondarch, Darkwing Duck0:17:48
The Legend of Zelda (1986)NESRaceAGDQ 2012Breakdown, Jprophet220:37:42
The Legend of Zelda (1986)NES100% No Up+A 3-Way RaceAGDQ 2018JSR2gamers, BT, RandomEffekt0:37:43
The Legend of Zelda (1986)NESLow% RaceSGDQ 2018lackattack24, BT, Eunos0:36:20
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (1991)SNESRaceAGDQ 2014solidus, Andy1:28:37
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (1991)SNESReverse Boss Order RaceAGDQ 2016Andy, superskuj1:29:47
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (1991)SNESAny% No Major GlitchesAGDQ 2017Andy, BluntBunny, JoeDamillio, Xelna1:32:35
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (1991)SNESNormal Difficulty Swordless vs Open Randomizer RaceHRDQChristosOwen, Andy1:44:01
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (1991)SNESRandomizer, No Glitches, Open Mode RaceAGDQ 2018Andy, ChristosOwen1:42:40
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX (1998)Game Boy ColorAny% No WW/OOB (No S+Q) RaceSGDQ 2017TGH, BambooShadow0:54:34
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)N64RaceAGDQ 2011Runnerguy2489, Jiano, Aleckermit, Narcissa Wright1:13:10
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)N64All Dungeons RaceAGDQ 2014ZFG, Moltov1:52:13
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998)N64RaceSGDQ 2014Narcissa Wright, Skater0:21:10
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (2000)N64100% RaceSGDQ 2014guished, Remedy, George0:09:45
Trio the Punch: Never Forget Me (1989)PS2RaceAGDQ 2012ZakkyTheShimmeringKirin, Tigger770:30:19
Ultimate Doom (1995)PCRaceSGDQ 2014Kubelwagon, Dime0:28:48
Undertale (2015)PCNeutral Ending RaceHRDQSnowieY101, cookiepocalypse0:58:08
VVVVVV (2010)PC100% RaceSGDQ 2017FieryBlizzard, Chadwelli0:17:42
Wizards & Warriors (1987)NESAll Stages% RaceSGDQ 2015DarkTerrex, Feasel0:18:48
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (1987)NESAny% Warpless RaceSGDQ 2016Simpol, Pro_JN1:02:48
Zoo Race (2007)PCHard Mode 100% RaceAGDQ 2014SkeletonBill, Duke Bilgewater0:13:10