Arcade games are stand-alone machines which are usually coin-operated. In GDQ events they are typically run using emulators.

Alien vs. Predator1994Max DifficultyBeat 'em UpAGDQ 2015MURPHAGATOR!0:31:02
Battletoads1994PimpleBeat 'em UpAGDQ 2015PJ0:41:25
Battletoads1994Max Difficulty Bid WarBeat 'em UpAGDQ 2018PJ0:40:35
Dragon's Lair1983Any%ActionAGDQ 2017SCXCR0:13:26
Dungeon Magic1994GrenBeat 'em UpSGDQ 2015iast0:18:22
Dungeon Magic1994Any% (Gren)Beat 'em UpSGDQ 2018iast0:15:44
Mystery Game Tournament2016Blind RacesPlatformerAGDQ 2017Caerulius, usedpizza, AND4H, The Mexican Runner1:02:00
Ninja Baseball Bat Man1993Beat 'em UpSGDQ 2014MURPHAGATOR!, Mecha Richter, Klaige, PJ0:30:40
Ninja Baseball Bat Man1993Beat 'em UpSGDQ 2015MURPHAGATOR!0:24:00
Puzzle Bobble19941 PlayerPuzzleAGDQ 2019altabiscuit0:27:47
Spica Adventure2005PlatformerSGDQ 2015EggmaniMN0:06:21
Tetris: The Grand Master1998ExhibitionPuzzleAGDQ 2015Qlex, KevinDDR, kitaru, colourthief1:42:00
Tetris: The Grand Master1998Exhibition RacePuzzleSGDQ 2016aperturegrillz, KevinDDR, EnchantressOfNumbers, Qlex0:11:50
Tetris: The Grand Master19988-way 100% racePuzzleSGDQ 2017aperturegrillz, Poochy.EXE, KevinDDR, EnchantressOfNumbers, JBroms, MxKai3, PARTY MAN X, eihoppe0:12:02
Tetris: The Grand Master19982-players 1-controller racePuzzleSGDQ 2017Protomagicalgirl, aperturegrillz, KevinDDR, MxKai30:10:40
Tetris: The Grand Master1998Rev ModePuzzleSGDQ 2017EnchantressOfNumbers0:06:34
Tetris: The Grand Master 2+2000TA Death Mode RacePuzzleSGDQ 2015Qlex, SQR0:04:58
Tetris: The Grand Master 2+2000Doubles RacePuzzleSGDQ 2015KevinDDR, aperturegrillz, KAN, SQR0:04:35
Tetris: The Grand Master 2+20001p2c RacePuzzleSGDQ 2015SQR, kitaru0:05:15
Tetris: The Grand Master 2+2000Item ModePuzzleSGDQ 2015SQR0:09:32
Tetris: The Grand Master 2+2000Master Mode RacePuzzleSGDQ 2016aperturegrillz, KevinDDR0:09:17
Tetris: The Grand Master 2+2000Death ModePuzzleSGDQ 2016Qlex0:06:11
Tetris: The Grand Master 2+2000Doubles ModePuzzleSGDQ 2016aperturegrillz, KevinDDR0:05:11
Tetris: The Grand Master 32005Sakura ModePuzzleSGDQ 2015Poochy.EXE0:06:13
Tetris: The Grand Master 32005Master Mode RacePuzzleSGDQ 2015KAN, KevinDDR0:05:01
Tetris: The Grand Master 32005Shirase Mode RacePuzzleSGDQ 2015KAN, KevinDDR0:05:15
Tetris: The Grand Master 32005VersusPuzzleSGDQ 2015KAN, KevinDDR0:02:48
Tetris: The Grand Master 32005Master ModePuzzleSGDQ 2016KevinDDR0:06:48
Tetris: The Grand Master 32005Shirase ModePuzzleSGDQ 2016KevinDDR0:05:43
Tetris: The Grand Master 32005Blindfolded Sakura ModePuzzleSGDQ 2016Poochy.EXE0:06:51
Tetris: The Grand Master 32005ShirasePuzzleSGDQ 2017KevinDDR0:05:33
Vendetta1991Any%Beat 'em UpAGDQ 2016MURPHAGATOR!0:18:09
Violent Storm1993Beat 'em UpAGDQ 2015buttersbb0:19:38