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Chrono Trigger (1995)SNESCo-op 100%SGDQ 2015Essentia, puwexil5:04:47
Chrono Trigger (1995)SNESAny% (No Wrong Warp)SGDQ 2017puwexil3:03:35
Chrono Trigger (1995)SNESGlitchless 100% All QuestsHRDQpuwexil6:07:20
Final Fantasy IX (2000)PS1Discs 1 & 2AGDQ 2013puwexil, spikevegeta5:32:14
Final Fantasy IX (2000)PS1Discs 3 & 4AGDQ 2013puwexil, spikevegeta4:19:46
Final Fantasy V (1992)SNESSGDQ 2013puwexil5:02:11
Final Fantasy VI (1994)SNESCo-opSGDQ 2014Essentia, puwexil7:27:49
Final Fantasy VI (1994)SNESGlitchless Any%SGDQ 2018puwexil6:53:00
Final Fantasy VII (1997)PS1Disc 1AGDQ 2012puwexil3:11:07
Final Fantasy VII (1997)PS1Discs 2 and 3AGDQ 2012puwexil4:05:45
Final Fantasy VII (1998)PCAGDQ 2015puwexil2:57:02
Illusion of Gaia (1993)SNES100%SGDQ 2012puwexil2:27:46
Illusion of Gaia (1993)SNES100%SGDQ 2016puwexil2:21:34
Kingdom Hearts 2 (2005)PS2All WorldsSGDQ 2011puwexil, spikevegeta, Opario, UltraJMan5:57:33