The Mexican Runner

The Mexican Runner can be found at:

Battletoads (1991)NESWarplessAGDQ 2014The Mexican Runner0:32:45
Battletoads (1991)NESCo-op WarplessAGDQ 2015jc583, The Mexican Runner0:30:42
Battletoads (1991)NES100% WarplessAGDQ 2016The Mexican Runner0:38:41
Battletoads (1991)NESAny% WarplessHRDQThe Mexican Runner0:27:49
Battletoads (1991)NESAny% WarplessAGDQ 2018The Mexican Runner0:29:04
Battletoads (1991)NESBlind Turbo TunnelAGDQ 2018The Mexican Runner0:04:04
Contra (1988)NESRaceAGDQ 2015DK28, The Mexican Runner0:12:07
Contra (1988)NESAny%AGDQ 2017The Mexican Runner, Toad224840:10:40
Contra (1988)NESAny% CoopAGDQ 2018The Mexican Runner, angrylanks0:09:58
Cuphead (2017)PCAll Flags (Regular, Legacy)SGDQ 2018The Mexican Runner0:50:14
Cuphead (2017)PCAll S+P GradesAGDQ 2019The Mexican Runner0:48:42
Darkwing Duck (1992)NESRaceAGDQ 2014joka, The Mexican Runner0:15:31
Darkwing Duck (1992)NESAny%AGDQ 2017The Mexican Runner0:13:42
Mystery Game Tournament (2016)ArcadeBlind RacesAGDQ 2017Caerulius, usedpizza, AND4H, The Mexican Runner1:02:00
Super Mario Maker (2015)Wii UCustom Level Blind Relay RaceAGDQ 2016linkdeadx2, Andy, mitchflowerpower, area51, Bismuth, Dram55, Trihex, The Mexican Runner1:36:17
The Lion King (1994)SNESAny% HardAGDQ 2016The Mexican Runner0:15:11
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants (1991)NESAny%AGDQ 2018The Mexican Runner0:19:36